Mike Florio, Bob Costas, Harry Reid, and Profootballtalk.com/NBC

Why is it that Profootballtalk.com writes about the Washington Redskin name change once a day? Answer….For Web Page and Post Hits. I see a lot of name calling by the so called writers of this site, calling team owners names, calling the team associates minions, why is this any better then what they are trying to do the Washington Redskins. They call the Redskins owners racist for not changing the name but they call Dan Snyder names and go after him really hard and for what reason, He wants success for his team, He wants the legacy of his team to be cemented forever, or is because he spends money like Jerry Jones to try to have the best, or is it because he is Jewish?


Now some of these claims could be crazy, but no crazier than if I took off on a rant that I believed that the reason they were all after Dan Snyder and his team so bad was because Snyder was Jewish. Now , Im sure many are saying what, no way. Well Washington Redskins fans feel the same way. That team name is a team name with pride, heritage, legacy, history, family and the upmost respect by its fans. Not a racial slur. Being from partial Native American decent and heritage-Redskin, I love the team name, what it stands for, the fight song behind the team and its logo. All of us fans do. Just because some don’t like the name it is an opinion not a slur. A majority of U.S. Citizens have spoken that they want the name to stay. Why do certain others continue to try to change it. People be ware if the Redskins name was to ever change, there are many other team names on this list that they seem to be concerned with. The Redskins are just the beginning.

Senator Harry Reid has to publicly apologize to The President of the United States for racial comments two years ago. A democrat from his own party, used racial statements towards the president, but now is looking for followers in the cause to remove a football team name that he feels is a racial slur. Who made him the majority? Why does he have a say in any racial issues after his comments? He is looking to gain racial stability in his camp and office before the next election and the best way for him to do this is to take up a cause against a phantom racial issue., the Washington Redskins. people need to wake up. The NFL needs to wake up, start sending cease and desist orders to all people, entities, and writers, slandering the NFL, the teams that it consist of and supports. Including the Washington Redskins in which the NFL supports in full including its team name. Thanks NFL for supporting the team and its name, thank you Daniel Snyder and Bruce Allen for supporting and keeping our name. Redskins and its logo are my family and will continue to be part of my family. Mr. Reid, Florio, Costas and others against a football team name, if you really want to do something for Native Americans, support sign and recognize all the petitions for these tribes out here that are trying to get tribe and reservation recognition by the government. Then you will have truly done something for the Real Warrior Redskins! Stop trying to remove us and our heritage from the public eye and do something to put us out there more. I believe the Redskins organization does that, the government does not, the government wants the Native American to go away even if its just by a team name. Wake up its not about racial slurs of team names for the government its about building a racial portfolio for Reids office and burying the native American Heritage at the same time.